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As it turns out, many American Christians are under the impression that if you vote a certain way, you have, in essence, proclaimed the Gospel of Christ.

This, in my very unprofessional opinion, is delusional.

Maybe it’s the fear of sharing with someone directly. Perhaps it’s the fiery passion we have for politics and the lame, Sunday-centered, deadbeat attitude we have for Christianity.

Many Conservative Republicans who claim to be Christians choose voting as their declaration of faith. By voting against abortion, homosexual rights and lower taxes/the free market, we feel that we are representing Christ.

While Christ is certainly against the murder of innocent children and Scripture does warn us of homosexual lifestyles, I don’t remember Jesus putting our salvation to a vote.

When a young pregnant teenager or homosexual hears that you, the Conservative Republican voter, are voting against them in the upcoming election, I can assure you, the first thought that comes to mind is not, “Man, they just want me to lead a better life.”

By voting against them, you reflect ignorance and hatred, spitting in the face of those you disagree with. All that you do is strip them of their current lifestyle, leaving them with nothing. And unfortunately, a majority of Conservative Republicans are satisfied with this. As long as they vote down legislation, they have done their Christian duty.

Wrong, my friend, how very wrong.

As Christians, our job is not to point and cast judgment, which is what, in essence, we do by quietly voting ‘No’. In reality, we should be reaching out to the people we seek to vote against, loving on them and sharing the gift of Eternal Life. The Gospel is news, not legislation.

In summary, most Conservative Republicans hide behind voting, dispassionate and afraid of sharing the Gospel. We would rather vote against those we should love, leave them with nothing and hope for the best.
Look at Jesus, though. Check out Matthew 5-7. These three chapters encompass Christ’s Sermon on the Mount. Jesus told them what not to do and what to do instead. He didn’t simply say, “Stop sinning,” and peace out. No, he gave them an alternative: Him.

In reality, voting is simply a form of arguing. Your not really trying to help anyone, you just want to be right. Many of you will say, “I vote because I want to help!” Voting does not involve Scripture or Christ. It’s a little slip of paper and it’s purely based on politics. The Truth will set you free, not your government.

Have you ever thought, even for a moment, that perhaps they are pregnant or gay because they want something more? Every human desires to be whole and happy. No one* wakes up in the morning and says, “I’m going to have unprotected sex with my boyfriend, get pregnant and abort the baby…all because I hate God and Christian morals!”

(*I will admit, there are a few people out there who hate God enough to behave that way.)

What does this mean for us? It means that we need to love them. I’m not saying to stop voting, no, I’m just want us to stop hiding behind it. The Gospel, in its pure form, will free people. It will do a much better job of it than voting, too. Our duty is to make disciples of all nations, and that is not fulfilled in a little voting booth.

Check out 1 John 4:7-8 and John 13:35.

After all, they will know we are Christians by our love, not by our voting record.



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Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with praying for America. In fact, we need to.

Strange, though, that people are only interested in it now that Obama is President.

I didn’t see as many “Pray For Our Country” yard signs when Bush was in office.

Hmmm… I recently Googled ‘pray for our country,’ and a picture of Obama appeared. Huh? It seems as though our prayer life is directly related to our political opinions. If we like the president’s policies, we sit peacefully at home and give ole God the Father a break. If we don’t like his policies, however, we suddenly become vigorous prayer warriors.

Believe it or not, we needed to pray for our country long before Obama became president.

I’m currently reading a book called ‘Jesus for President’. This book walks you through Scripture, revealing a God who wants to be our leader. As in, the only guy in charge.

Yup, that’s right, we’re already outside of God by having a human leader. The Hebrews begged for a king, and through the prophet Samuel, God warned them of such desires. Check out 1 Samuel 8. The whole thing. God warns them that a human leader will be a terrible mistake, but they beg for one anyways.

And so, here we are, thousands of years after their one terrible mistake, still making, incidentally, the very same mistake. Yup, even though history has provided us with ample reason to turn back to God’s leadership, we still vote Republican or Democrat.

I’m not saying to rebel against the government and inspire anarchy, no no no. We should submit as we are called. The point I’m making with all of this is simple.

Republican or Democrat; no matter. They all need prayer.

All day, every day, a man can claim to be a follower of Christ, and somehow, that’s enough for us. He claims that Jesus Christ is his ‘role model’, and suddenly, he can do whatever he wants. He can bomb entire nations (searching for one man, mind you), reason it with ‘I answer to a higher power’, and millions of Christians don’t mind.

As long as he tells us that Jesus told him to and, oh, this is important, is a Conservative Republican, all is well. I added that last part because if Obama ever justified his actions with Christ, we would cry ‘Muslim!’, ‘Hussein!’ or ‘Socialist!’.

Democrats can’t be Christians. Gosh. Don’t you know?

Strip a man of his title and he is just a human. A wretched human who needs salvation.

I suppose he needs prayer after all.

Disclaimer: I don’t particularly care for politics, and so I don’t have a ‘side’. As in, I’m not Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative, or anything else. I’m just craving something better. Something genuine and eternal.

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