#1: Praying For America.

Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with praying for America. In fact, we need to.

Strange, though, that people are only interested in it now that Obama is President.

I didn’t see as many “Pray For Our Country” yard signs when Bush was in office.

Hmmm… I recently Googled ‘pray for our country,’ and a picture of Obama appeared. Huh? It seems as though our prayer life is directly related to our political opinions. If we like the president’s policies, we sit peacefully at home and give ole God the Father a break. If we don’t like his policies, however, we suddenly become vigorous prayer warriors.

Believe it or not, we needed to pray for our country long before Obama became president.

I’m currently reading a book called ‘Jesus for President’. This book walks you through Scripture, revealing a God who wants to be our leader. As in, the only guy in charge.

Yup, that’s right, we’re already outside of God by having a human leader. The Hebrews begged for a king, and through the prophet Samuel, God warned them of such desires. Check out 1 Samuel 8. The whole thing. God warns them that a human leader will be a terrible mistake, but they beg for one anyways.

And so, here we are, thousands of years after their one terrible mistake, still making, incidentally, the very same mistake. Yup, even though history has provided us with ample reason to turn back to God’s leadership, we still vote Republican or Democrat.

I’m not saying to rebel against the government and inspire anarchy, no no no. We should submit as we are called. The point I’m making with all of this is simple.

Republican or Democrat; no matter. They all need prayer.

All day, every day, a man can claim to be a follower of Christ, and somehow, that’s enough for us. He claims that Jesus Christ is his ‘role model’, and suddenly, he can do whatever he wants. He can bomb entire nations (searching for one man, mind you), reason it with ‘I answer to a higher power’, and millions of Christians don’t mind.

As long as he tells us that Jesus told him to and, oh, this is important, is a Conservative Republican, all is well. I added that last part because if Obama ever justified his actions with Christ, we would cry ‘Muslim!’, ‘Hussein!’ or ‘Socialist!’.

Democrats can’t be Christians. Gosh. Don’t you know?

Strip a man of his title and he is just a human. A wretched human who needs salvation.

I suppose he needs prayer after all.

Disclaimer: I don’t particularly care for politics, and so I don’t have a ‘side’. As in, I’m not Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative, or anything else. I’m just craving something better. Something genuine and eternal.


The Purging King

Welcome, friends, to the newest installment of The Purging King.

Recently, we made the move from thepurgingking.blogspot.com. This blog, incidentally, is still up, serving as directions to the newer version here on WordPress.


We will be moving some of the older posts and reposting them here so that they will be part of future archives.


For everyone who is new to The Purging King, welcome! This website is focused on Christ, The Purging King, and recovering the Christianity we have happily diluted.

What’s being purged? Christianity itself, ma’dears. This blog focuses on the silly stuff that Americans have added to Christianity. For instance, Jesus was not a white, middle-class republican. This, unfortunately, comes as an insult to many patriotic Americans.

So, a brief warning for newcomers and even those who are returning: I’m calling it like I see it, as it pertains to Scripture, so some of this might upset you. My intention is not to aggravate anyone, but unfortunately, some people cannot take truth even when faced with reason.


So let’s jump right in, shall we?


This is Bangerang., and I will be your author for this messy adventure. The captain, however, is…well, that’s just corny.
We all know He’s the captain.